fun with my family

{ o r g a n i z e }

Being a virgo, I am convinced there's nothing that can't be clorganized*, even family life.  xo


*(A term I coined which means cleaned and organized, since somehow this word doesn't exist!)


{o r g a n i z e }

{grocery shopping and meal planning love}

If you know me at all, you know I love seventies music.  But, more relevantly, you know I hate grocery shopping and dinner time stress.  Or, at least I did, until I came up with this system that works for me.

First let me describe what not to do.  Squeeze in a last minute run to grocery store with the kids (force them to listen to 70's music), grab some chicken, broccoli and A TON of snack foods (at their insistance for making them listen to horrible music) rush home, get someone to set the table, cook above items. Eat.  Sounds blah, and probably tasted blah too.

As they got older, and were playing sports, they needed a healthy & filling snack when they came home from school.   Apparently, gold fish and yogurt drinks don't count. 

OOH! A problem that needs a creative solution.  It took me years of trial and error, but I think I finally figured out a system that works.  After winging it for years, I tried planning out a month at a time.  I think I've finally found a happy's called.....  

w e e k l y  m e a l   p l a n n i n g.  

Duh?! But if you have a child you will know carving out space in your brain to think clearly is well, hard.  And every week?   fuhgedaboudit.  BUT, if you can find the time.....I promise it's life changing.  Ok, here we go....

(things are already looking up!)


(I like to do this by the fire on Sunday mornings.  Very important to be cozy when doing research work.)


 4.  Do you ever forget to write down the page number and from which cookbook it came from?  Just asking for a friend.....

Voila! Most of the hard work is done.  Now, you still have to cook it, entertain a toddler or two while you do it; and more than likely somehow drive another kid to some sort of practice, remember it's book club night and you have to bring cupcakes tomorrow.  Oh gosh.  Hang in there, and like my dad used to say, this too shall pass.

There's so much going on that hour of the day that it's hard to make a healthy, delicous meal, so it often became the LAST thing I thought about all day.  But someone, who I think was very hungry at the time, once said to me ..."it's not like dinnertime isn't going to happen"...  Oh, well, when you put it like that.... Why not tackle it head on.  Happy planning!




{ o r g a n i z e }

{what to wear when it's cold}

I am much more concerned with limiting exposure of cold air during these months, than in looking sylish. I'm pretty sure my fashion game is WAY stronger during the warm months.  Although,all I want to do in the summer months is cover up with a large sweater....hmmmm, sensing a theme here.

But, I have found some cute stuff I wish I was wearing ....


I can't really wear this because I'm too short.  I look homeless. But I still like this look and try to pull off a modified version of it.   The key is the skinny jeans.  It's all about the silhouette.  Kind of reminds me of the 80's oversized look a bit.  I bought some great jeans from Old Navy; some fantastic sustainably made tennis shoes from Veja  in Spain.  And a great big over coat from Ralph Lauren that was on sale-sale during the pre-holiday rush.  You will find me wearing some version of this on most days, the only difference is, my arms will be in the sleeves. 


Again, looks simple but it has some key components.  the boatneck collar, chinos and simple hair.

Chino is the name of the brother from West Side Story. Which is one of my all time favorite movies and if you know me well, I might sing one of the songs for you.  Chinos are also like jeans.  good and reliable.  I get mine from Lands End.     A good boxy, boat neck sweater from here . or, I just bought this cute one from here! and to keep the boxy sweater from making ME look boxy, a simple low bun or ponytail is nice.  


A hunky, chunky, well made sweater.  This color preferably.   I found one that will last me a lifetime. (goals: to slowly replace all cheaply made things with well made, sustainably sourced, quality items...sigh)

I found mine at which is all of the above AND from their Emma Watson collection. Plus it was the warmest thing I've ever worn.  win-win.


Yay! Turtlenecks are back! They are the best! And not only because they were all the rage when I was in High School; but because they really are flattering and timeless.  The one I wear is black, a lá Audrey Hepburn, that was my mom's when she was young!