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I'm a Momma, wife and artist. With 3 of my 4 kids almost grown, I can look back and share with you everything I learned on my favorite subject, raising a family. Like Albert Einstein said "Rejoice with your family in the wonderful land of life" and though things may get messy, you can't really go wrong. xoox



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 I stash love notes in their pillows, write quotes on the family chalkboard and put jokes in their lunches. (I know you're thinking BARF-O-LA, gag me with a spoon.  But, when you sometimes have no food in the house except stale cheexe and old fruit, a note goes a long way towards forgiveness).

But sometimes they need more than what even a good knock knock joke can fix.  

I notice each of my kids prefer a different kind of communication when it comes to helping them to feel better about life's little ups and downs.    One of my daughters prefers to see it written down.  When she was going through some new beginning and having a tough time, I got a notebook from minted and started a love note journal.

I write a note in there and leave it on her pillow.  She writes one back and leaves it on my pillow and on and on.   She can ask me questions, tell me about a problem, a bad dream or just laugh about an inside joke. Sometimes there's a few weeks between entries, but when we remember,  it's the best!  

It's been almost 3 years now, and I've noticed she has needed it less and less.  I am so glad we got to write it all down, because I know I would have forgotten it all.  

Now, she will always have a reminder of how hard she worked, the hurdles she overcame, her hilarious sense of humor, and most of all, how loved she is.

 Don't delay, start one today!   Did I mention I'm also a poet?