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I'm a Momma, wife and artist. With 3 of my 4 kids almost grown, I can look back and share with you everything I learned on my favorite subject, raising a family. Like Albert Einstein said "Rejoice with your family in the wonderful land of life" and though things may get messy, you can't really go wrong. xoox



fun with my family



it's almost here! one of my truly favorite holidays....St. Patrick's Day! After college, while working in San Francisco, it was fun because you could go to an old irish bar and have green beer with your friends.  But, now, i love all the sly trickery and good natured foolishness that's become associated with it.  typically we find clues that a leprechaun has visited our home on st. patrick's day, and i don't know who is more excited, me or the kids!

the first clue is always a line of shiny confetti in the shapes of pots of gold or 4 leaf clovers strewn around their rooms, which then proceeds to lead them downstairs and outside.  once outside, the trail leads them to a small pile of leaves and sticks, {gasp!} a leprechaun house! hidden near the house is usually a few gold coins or other treasure! fun! once inside and reminded that it is a school day, the kids resume their morning routines, part of which involves watching Arthur (old habit, we just love that show).  but when they turn on the tv, the image is upsidown!!??? then they pour their orange juice, and it's green!!??? then they try to put their shoes on and the laces are tied!! those rascally leprechauns! they even messed up our laundry room (oh, nevermind, it's always that way).  the point is, it's all good natured, out of the ordinary, fun stuff.  i don't think they really believe a leprechaun was here, (the older ones at least), but they do have a lot of fun with it.  A little fun goes a long way in this crazy world, and that you can make any day feel just a little bit more special.  

as the holiday gets closer i will show you our four leaf clovers, talk about luck and reveal our tricky plans for the day:)
Happy March!

favorite stationery store 

Have you met....felix doolittle.  

he makes the most beautiful  address labels, tags & book plates (no idea what those are either)

here are a few of my favorites:

made some homemade stationery to go with them.  Don't throw up.  I asked the kids what their favorite food was and just drew up a little sketch. (my youngest was too little at the time, so i just made her an acorn fairy since she's a fall baby:)
kinkos helped me print and cut them....now if Felix Doolittle could only write them for us, we'll be in good shape!


70's crafts::salt and starch clay!

Do you devote your time to your kids on the weekend?  My parents did that for me, and I strive for that everyday.  My dad was a world renown laser physicist and he made a conscious effort to leave his work at work on the weekends in order to be present for us.

To stay inspired; I pull out my collection of kid activity books.  This one's a classic. 

  Aside from the clown kid on the front, it is fantastic! ( i do remember clowns being "in" back then)... this book is from the days when there really were only saturday morning cartoons; no ipads or video games, just.... play.  it's chock full of games, crafts, things to do, and peppered with Americana history. it's complete with black and white pictures of kids from the day; which are hilarious!  having grown up in the 70's, I find the pictures pretty endearing!,

here are some kids showing off some walking sticks they made?! i just think kids did more things back then, because there was "nothing" to do! so cute.

 the day was perfect. there was lots of dancing (on my part); lots of giggling (their part) and a whole lot of good old fashioned fun.  My 4 year old said "I like this day mommy", me too, sweetie, me too.


here are the 70's crafts we did today!

salt and starch clay::use a double boiler (i used a large heat proof bowl over a pot of boiling water).  Add 1 cup salt; add 1/2 cup starch, slowly mix in 3/4 cup water.  place over heat.  mix.  when it becomes hard to mix together (after a minute or so) off the heat and spread it onto a cookie sheet to cool.  voila! it's a pure white, crystalline sort of playdough consistency.  it kind of smells funny though, so we added perfume!  you can mold it into any shape and let it air dry, then paint! good old fashioned fun!

here is penguin almost dry & ready for some paint!

looks like a cake!

roll the die!

i forgot to take a picture of the all white clay, but here it is with some food coloring in it


our next craft was called "papermache" bowls

you mix 1/4 cup flour with 1/2 cup water.  spray an upsidedown cereal bowl with cooking spray and cover tightly with saran wrap.  take your flour mixture and paint it on.  add bits of colored tissue paper to the bowl and repeat until the whole bowl is covered.

set aside to dry, then peel off the saran wrap from the bowl.  

trim the edges and voila! your very own bowl for your lucky rabbits foot, holly hobbie stickers, stamp collection, davy crocket yo-yo........oops wrong decade again...


kindness girl

Patience Saldalgo..yes, that's her real name, has a blog called kindness girl.  she is amazing! i've profiled her before, and thought it appropos to mention her again, since it is national random acts of kindness week!  She is everything i wish i could be!! she and her kids had been handing out free cotton candy to passers by at a park this week, just for fun, even before she remembered it was national random acts of kindness week! now that's kind!

here she is handing out cotton candy to a tickled pink stranger!

I did put a couple of the "all you need is love" flyers up,  but felt a little foolish, like i was trying to sell something to people.  Made some rice krispy treats today, and had visions of handing out cute squares to random school kids, then had second thougts.  would the parents think we were strange or it was some sort of  trick? were we secrectly trying to get them to join a cult or something? being randomly kind is hard!!! 

i like it when i can pay for someone behind me and then leave before they realize it and politely refuse, or awkwardly say thank you. would that be called rougue kindness?  that's more up my alley...kindness bombs. fun! i'll have to think about more ways to drop some kindness bombs and will let you know.  in the meantime, let me know if you've had anyone do anything kind to you this week...or have done something for someone else:)


A million acts of kindness

this is a great site. They are encouraging people to sign up and commit to performing one million acts of kindness over their lifetime! check it out right here!