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I'm a Momma, wife and artist. With 3 of my 4 kids almost grown, I can look back and share with you everything I learned on my favorite subject, raising a family. Like Albert Einstein said "Rejoice with your family in the wonderful land of life" and though things may get messy, you can't really go wrong. xoox



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getting organized

What is it about September that makes me want to get organized?  Must be the virgo in me or the start of the new school year.  Something about getting all those fresh new binders, papers and pencils for the kids, makes me excited too.  I think it gives me the false impression that I can actually control all the events around me, if only I am organized enough!:D

  I still like the giant wall calendar for all our family events; separate printed schedules of the kids sporting events for easy reference.  I also have multiple "to do" booklets printed up for my various projects, so I can feel organized even with projects I can't get to very often.  I get them through MINTED.  I just love them!

We also have a "days of our week" calendar so we can generally see how our weeks will look for the next 3 months.  When I wrote out our weekly calendar, i was excited to find two family dinner nights during the week!  I was hoping to continue our thursday trivia or some other game tradition on one of those nights,  but, equally as exciting for me is that is the night we will have our family meetings.

 I have mostly older kids now, and because we have been sporadic about them since our 4th was born (4 years ago!!), we get a lot of eye rolling when we announce it's family meeting night, but I love it!   We go over any new information, discuss the week's schedules and talk about good things (or bad) that happened that week.  We usually have a family word that we are working on (kindness, helpfulness, etc.) and we say how we've done with that during the week.  Someone volunteers to write it all down, and then we're done!  It feels good to officially connect during their super busy weeks, and giving me the illusion that oh yeah......IT'S ALL UNDER CONTROL!:D

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What a great way to finish the week; I really like the idea of a family meeting. How do you organize yours? Is it different every time? We only have 2 little ones but I guess it's never too early to start!

September 26, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterAnanllie

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