fun with my family

{  S   A   V    O   R  }

welcome.  slow down. enjoy.  A delicious cake consists of plain flour, raw eggs, bitter baking powder, messy oil and sweet sugar, but it adds up to a beautiful treat to be savored.


decorating a teen's room:)

you might remember that the kids all switched rooms around in the spring.   ben moved downstairs and mia got his room, complete with skate and bike stickers covering most of the doors. nice. And although she still loves bunnies, she didn't necessarily want that as her main decor anymore.    She needed a room make-over.

As soon as we had a full day with nothing on the schedule, and Graham just happened to be out of town....(being the logical person that he is... would want to hire a professional painter, avoid IKEA , and probably want seveal options for the room plan) that I respond with my favorite saying as of late: "Ain't nobody got time for that!"

Her favorite color is an aquamarine.  she likes a clean, modern look.  with this knowledge and after scouring PINTREST and LONNYMAG for ideas; we finally came up with a plan....  




  We were so eager to get started that we forgot to take "before" pictures.  But after a full day of painting, rearranging and a little's how it turned out!


and voila! we were done!!!  really it only took one day.  we had plans to paint her desk and shelves but I think they look fine as is.  We still have to paint over some of the doors; the goo-gone didn't work as well as we had hoped on the stickers.  we are going to do something fun like chalkboard paint on them anyway.  fun stuff!

here is the final look:

not bad for a day's work!





Dad's famous apple sauce

Is there anything better than coming home and smelling something yummy coming from the kitchen!? First of all, someone else cooked it, and second of all, you get to eat it, thirdly, did i mention you didn't have to cook it?!

my sweet hubby happened to be home early one day, so I jumped at the opportunity to run to the store by myself, and left them all to play in the yard with Dad.

I came home to find then playing catch in the back, a huge pot of apples bubbling away on the stove, and the whole house smelling heavenly.  

Applesauce!  I didn't even know he knew how to make applesauce!  Not only did it smell amazing, it tasted like apple pie!  All gooey and sweet with big chunks of carmelized apple in each bite.   If I were the one making it, it would have come out more like babyfood and probably tasting similar.  How did he do it?!  

They were outside and noticed the plethora of apples in the tree and on the ground and decided to make something appley!  (I am done..I've made apple pancakes, apple pie, apple tart, and now I just walk over the apples and try not to notice them).  But, on this beautiful September day,  they got to work, picked up a bunch and the rest is history!

I have dubbed this recipe Dad's famous apple sauce, in the hopes that he continues to make it every year, thus making it famous - at least in our family!

Serve it with ice cream, yogurt, or in our case, a shot from a can of whipped cream.  Mmmm.  Maybe that's why it tasted like apple pie! 


click on the above picture for the link to original recipe.

3-4 lbs. peeled, cored and quartered apples. 4 strips lemon peel. juice of one lemon. 3" of cinnamon stick (we don't have one those, so i think he just poured some cinnamon in the pot). 1/4 c. brown sugar. 1/4 c. white sugar. 1 c. water. 1/2 tsp. salt.

Put all ingredients into a large pot. cover. bring to a boil. Lower heat and simmer for 20-30 minutes. Remove from heat.  Remove cinnamon sticks and lemon peel.  Mash with potato masher (or not, kind of fun with the chunky bits in it).



weekend trips 

  A few weeks ago, my husband had to run down to Los Angeles for work, and I tagged along.  We had so much fun. This was our first trip without kids in a million years. I don't know whether it was his giddyness from having his first full nights sleep in 15 years, or if he's getting senile...but here he is strolling amiably down Abbot Kinney; letting me dart into each and every shop.

 This behavior has never been seen before.  I on the other hand was a wreck.   I couldn't believe he was willing to venture unarmed with a built in excuse like a time constraint or bored children, down a cute street with cute shops..with me. (there are a lot of them and on both sides of the street!).  So, I put on my eagle eye and was able to speed shop for most of them. (a quick peruse to see if there's anything unique, worthy, a good deal, or stunningly beautiful in the shop before actually going in).  I saved the actual "going in" for those stores that fit the bill, lest he come to his senses, and suggest we rent mountain bikes or find a driving range.  Here I am about to go into one; juxtaposed against his casual stroll is my slightly panicked, determined gait.   

 Determined to peek in every shop, assess the merchandise, admire, mentally copy and appreciate every bit before he could have a chance to pull the rip cord.   Ten blocks later, we ended the afternoon with a beer in a cute pub and toasted our lovely afternoon together! I couldn't believe it.  Here are some of the cute things we saw! random open air markets!

vintage surf shops

cute beach clothes


Thursday's cute shop 

look at this cute shop i found. Pod.   i ordered this fantastic beach blanket and this great halter top.  The blanket can be used as a picnic blanket, beach blanket, towel, sarong...the top can be dressed up or down.  I want everything in this shop, it is all beautiful and well priced.

after you shop: make sock puppets with the nearest child!yes, one has a bathingsuit on.  The other one has a sort of apron on.

 Their names are Clara and Clarabelle and they have english accents!  

 We got the idea from here


Happy shopping and crafting!



international surfing day!

above photos courtesy of pintrest

This is a great old surfboard my hubby got at a garage sale in College.  It's now a collectors item and hangs in our kitchen, cause that's the logical spot.

Here's a great photo of him while surfing in Punta Mita, Nayarit, MexicoI would love to collect more boards but they are so expensive now~!  I also love these beautiful boards by artist Dirk Westphal (no relation!!!)  He taught himself how to build and shape them, and uses them as a canvas for his photographs of goldfish!!! These were made for me! As soon as I can save up enough money....I would just hang one of these on our wall as an art piece, until I come across the next 3' wave..

happy surfing!