fun with my family

{  S   A   V    O   R  }

welcome.  slow down. enjoy.  A delicious cake consists of plain flour, raw eggs, bitter baking powder, messy oil and sweet sugar, but it adds up to a beautiful treat to be savored.



I love finding ways to keep my kids laughing.  Not only is it good for you (a study out of Oxford University has found that hearty laughter makes our brains release endorphins, which relax us and relieve pain)[refer to]  It reminds them that life is good, and reminds me that the laundry will be there, belly laughing with my kids....well that is fleeting.

They have recently turned me on to the joy of photobooth.  you can make any picture look like a fun mirror.  Carnivals have nothing on this app!

i have to ask their permission before uploading their hilarious pictures and videos made on this program, but mark my words, they will be worth the wait.

Speaking of laundry, we have a favorite game around here called folding the laundry.  (Unfortunately not really folding the laundry which is a towering pile at the moment..)  I pretend they are a piece of clothing that needs to be washed, dried and folded.  If they are little (my 12 yr. old STILL loves this game!), I actually put them in a laundry basket, lift them up and toss them onto my bed and slosh them around a bit,as if in a washing machine.  Same for the dryer...they think this is hilarious....then I take them out and "fold" them.  Then I turn away,and the piece of clothing has unfolded, and amidst a fit of their giggles, I pretend to be shocked that my laundry has unfolded all by itself.  This goes on and on, I can be shocked that the laundry is laughing....continuing to unfold, etc...this is interspersed with lots of tickling and kisses, and sometimes even accompanied by a ride on a giant blanket across our wood floors.  ahh, good times.  

What are some of your fun, some would say corny, games you play with your kids! Please let me know!

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