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after a trip to the library,where we checked out some books on tape; my 3 year old thought she would go home and sell her "old" tapes.  I think I must have said "that's nice honey", because sure enough, when we got home, and I started cooking or something, she kept coming into the room saying "I have the tapes."  then "I have the cash register"....I finally realized she was serious.  How could I say no?! We packed up the stuff and went to the corner and "opened our shop".  She yelled out on the Barbie cash register microphone, "tapes for sale!" to all who drove by, for about 20 minutes!  We finally threw in the towel, but she had a great time and who was I to discourage her dream of selling her old tapes! ( I was really hoping no one would buy them, they are from the 70's and soo cute!)

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